Everywhere around us stories of shepherds and flocks, of forts and places of witches ... which naturally leads us back in time, along the streets of the medieval villages of the most beautiful in Italy. Here art, culture and traditions are woven imperceptibly to the imagination.

Castel del Monte

the "painted village" with its works of art in the open air to be discovered along the tunnels dug into the rock.


Santo Stefano di Sessanio

a place that takes us back in time to rediscover the ancient crafts and inimitable flavor typical of lentils.



the climb to the fort is on a journey to an imaginary world that tells the impossible love between a wolf and a hawk.


Grotte di Stiffe

Water and stone meet giving rise to a hidden world to discover.


National Laboratories of Gran Sasso (INFN)

mountain contains within itself a hidden universe, one of the largest underground laboratory in the world to carry out experiments of particle physics and study dark matter.



in the snowy mountains and dense woods a group of houses perched on the cliff house the production of beautiful ceramics.


San Pietro alla Jenca

the Sanctuary dedicated to Pope Woytila at the center of the places he loved so much.


Lake of Campotosto

the largest lake in Abruzzo to reach by motorbike in a combination of adrenaline and contact with nature.


Campo Imperatore

the mountain with a thousand faces with its far west landscapes in the summer, full of sports in winter and a step away from the stars in the clear night.



the heart and soul shaken by a strong city that tells herself through her beauty still visible beneath every wound...


Nido dell'Aquila

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